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At reflexiv, we are most excited about helping teams to grow their capability to innovate. We do this by applying various tools to help teams have better conversations with themselves and the world around them. 

The basis of our work is relationality - the understanding that everything (yep, *everything*) is in relationship with each other, and that it is these relationships that are most interesting...not so much the 'things' that are connected by the relationships.

Our approach is conversational, helping teams to think about their thinking, and challenging their assumptions of themselves and the work they do. We use a variety of experience design and systems thinking tools to do this, including Hautū Waka, the 6 Conditions of Systems Change, the Emotional Culture Deck and others. 

You can find us on LinkedIn, or contact Baruk (who is the friendlier member of the team...though Koda has sharper teeth)

Our Team

He tangata tiriti ahau, nō Inia ahau. E noho ana ahau ki Kaipātiki ki Tāmaki Makaurau. Ko Baruk Jacob toku ingoa. I am particularly inspired to learn from oral cultures, and believe that orality has much to teach us about living and thriving in an increasingly post-literate world.​ My whakapapa (ancestral layers and connections to land) is to the Kumbanad family of Kerala and the Hmar tribe of Mizoram, both in modern-day India, and I am tangata tiriti in Aotearoa New Zealand. I am currently doing a PhD, exploring emotion approaches grow innovation capability in teams.

I neba beg for food five minutes after a meal. I neba has poisonously stinky farts when Baruk is on an important call. Sometimes I show Baruk's friends & colleagues my sharp teeth and loud barks because otherwise how dey know?

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