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Updated: Nov 2, 2022

I've been doing a lot of reflective action around habits, rituals and culture - both my personal ones as well as ones at work. It is becoming increasingly apparent that a 'culture' is a set of habits, and a 'habit' is a process that has become ingrained. So

Generation 1: Process (external to self)

Generation 2: Habit (internalised process)

Generation 3: Culture ('this is how things are done')

Applying this to how we use Design Thinking/Human Centred Design/Customer Experience Design to transform our teams and the relationships we have with the people we serve - what stage do we find ourselves in? Are we expecting the results that would come from this approach being at the Culture level, when it is only at a Process or Habit level?

Digging deeper - how much time/energy will it take in our teams for this approach to move from Generation 1 to 3? Are we willing to give it that time and effort?

And to myself - am I doing what is needed to help the team(s) through the stages? Is my application of innovation design and learning facilitation appropriate to the stage the team(s) are at?

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