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Navigating Complexity

Navigating Complexity

Who this is for:

Are you trying to innovate in complex and dynamic contexts? Are you finding that the tools you have are...not quite helping? Over three days, we’ll guide your team through a series of interactive mini-workshops, helping you leverage your collective wisdom to effectively navigate complex, interconnected change.​


What you will get out of this:

  • Clarity on goals & direction: How do you decide where and how to go when everything is in flux around you? This workshop helps you gain a deeper understanding of your own objectives and the strategic pathways to achieve them.

  • Tools for emerging contexts: What tools can you and your team use in complex, inter-connected, emerging contexts? Equip your team with robust tools to analyse and adapt to evolving scenarios, aligning actions with core values and objectives.

  • Mapping the landscape: Looking differently at the same landscape can change everything. Apply systems thinking & design to create a better map of your operating environment, identifying key influences and potential obstacles.


What you can expect:

This in-person workshop is delivered over three days. We utilise a blend of proven tools & frameworks including

  • Hautū Waka, a design process based on Māori wayfinding strategies

  • The Emotional Culture Deck, a tool to help teams build connection

  • Metaphor building, to help shared values & vision emerge

  • The 6 Conditions of Systems Change, to look at obstacles to the vision

  • A Theory of Change to document the vision, the prototypes to experiment with, and short and long term way points to evaluate ongoing success



Three-day workshop: $12,000 + GST per team (up to 9 participants) 

Optional 9 Week team coaching (90min/week): $7,500 + GST 


Creating a Theory of Change

Who this is for:

Do you need to clarify your team's shared vision and goals? Are you struggling to hold on to the long term vision, while responding to current situations? Creating a Theory of Change helps teams to clarify shared vision and goals, and name the prototypes that will help them reach those goals.

What you will get out of this:

  • Clarity on shared identities: Who are you as a team? Metaphor work helps teams to express their shared identity, particularly in contexts where they need to respond to emerging challenges. This sets the ground for a Theory of Change.

  • Clarity on vision & goals: What are you trying to change in the world? A Theory of Change helps you and your team clarify what you are trying to change, but also helps you identify the markers that help you know you are on the right track. 

  • Tools for iteration: Plans...don't always work. However, you can use a theory of change to keep hold of the vision, while prototyping and iterating your way *to* that destination.


What you can expect:

This in-person workshop is delivered over one day. You will finish the day with a one-page document that has a

  • Long term change goal

  • Actions that lead to that goal

  • Prototypes that you you will use to iterate towards that goal


  • One-day workshop: $4,500 + GST per team (up to 9 participants) 

  • Optional 3 Week team coaching (90min/week): $2,500 + GST 

Theory of Change
Hautū Waka.png

Introduction to Hautu Waka

Who this is for: 

Hautū Waka is a design process that helps teams find their way through complex contexts & conditions. Based on Māori and Pacific wayfinding principles and concepts, this alternative to the Double Diamond supports teams that are innovating their way through complex conditions.


What you will get out of this:

  • Tools to design & innovate in complex contexts


What you can expect:

This introductory online/in-person workshop is delivered over 90minutes. You will 

  • Be introduced to the model and how it works

  • Hear examples of how it has been applied to different contexts

  • Have a conversation about how it might apply to your world


  • Koha to a charity (details TBC)

Hautū Waka

Emotional Culture Deck & The 6 COnditions

Who this is for:

The Emotional Culture Deck helps teams voice to their emotions, and through that, build connection and Psychological Safety. This works well for teams that are

  • Wanting to build their Psychological Safety

  • Wanting to explore bringing your authentic self to work

  • Wanting to find a way through conflict

  • Wanting to create the conditions for high performance

What you will get out of this:

  • Language to understand and express your own emotions at work

  • Tools to understood your team and individual members better

  • Tools to create better conditions for high performance


What you can expect:

This online/in-person workshop is delivered over 3 sessions of 90 minutes each. You will have a facilitated conversation about

  • How each of you in the team need to feel to do the work you do

  • How you might create better conditions to be able to feel that way


  • $2,500 + GST (up to 7 participants in each)

Emotional Culture Deck
Bespoke services

Bespoke Services

Are you and/or your team struggling with some aspect of work that I may be able to help with?


Apart from the specific products above, I also do design research, facilitate (work team) conflict resolution, coach design sprint teams, teach UX/CX/Systems Design to students, and rant on various aspects of design. I'm always up for a chat!

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