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I love markets. I mean proper markets, where people of all sorts brush up against each other, looking for the best deal on…ah I dunno…cabbages. There’s something human about them, especially when there is bargaining, and banter, and loud, uncivilised laughter. Markets also remind me that while we have been buying and selling for a very, very long time, long before Capitalism and Socialism were invented, long before a global system of choice architecture that structures all the directions we might go in. We have designed this world we live in. We can re-design it. I can’t quite say exactly why, but Avondale Market gives me hope. Hope that we can do things differently, hope that we can be different. That money doesn’t mean the end of relationships, or that relationships are necessarily the end of money. There is a deeper, older wisdom, somewhere here. And, while we’re at it, great deals on courgettes. 

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