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Doing a Haka

One of the reasons I started to research hashtag#emotion (and hashtag#innovation) was a desire to understand (and cope?) with my own. So far, my biggest learning is the complexity of how we feel. 

> I watched my mother-in-law grieve her brother, who had been in a coma for a good while. There was the hashtag#sadness at his death, hashtag#relief that he was out of pain, and hashtag#guilt at feeling that relief.

> A friend described a Haka as ‘how Māori show deep and conflicted emotion’ - a combination often of hashtag#challenge and a show of hashtag#strength, but paired with hashtag#respect, sometimes hashtag#sorrow, sometimes hashtag#anger. 

> And today, as I watch our joyously messy front garden, I feel hashtag#gratitude for the 3 month break from work, and all the people who’ve enabled that, hashtag#contentment at the beauty of the world around me, and a twinge of hashtag#fear as I am yet to find paid work. 

Maybe I need to do a haka.

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